For support, you may visit support.musiconelive.com or email support@onelivemedia.com. You may also see if your question has already been answered in the FAQ below.

Downloading Files

I’m receiving the message “Sorry, we could not find that access code in our system.”

If you are having problems logging in, please double-check that the access code is correct by copying and pasting into your browser window. If this still doesn’t work, contactsupport@onelivemedia.com with your access code to receive assistance.

I’m receiving the message “This code has already been used the max number of times.”

Many download packages have a hard download limit to prevent sharing of access codes. However, we also understand that connection or software problems may cause downloads to abort, using up the limit. If this is the case for you, contact support@onelivemedia.com with your access code and we’ll reset the limit.

Why is my download package not yet available?

A package may not yet be available for a few reasons – the most common being that the live show has not been recorded and uploaded or that the album has not yet been released. At any rate, you should receive a message for unavailable packages specifying the date of release. If you cannot find this, please contactsupport@onelivemedia.com and we can let you know when the package will be available.

I’m clicking the button to download, but it’s sending me back to the login screen.

It sounds like your session may have expired. Try logging in again (this won’t count towards your download limit) and downloading again. If this still does not work, contactsupport@onelivemedia.com for assistance.

Importing Downloaded Files

It looks like the download is complete, now what?

You should have received a zip file containing all of the files in your download package. Unless specified otherwise, this zip file will be in your browser’s default download folder. See below for links on finding/changing the default download location for your browser:

Internet Explorer

How do I import my files into iTunes?

Please visit this link for instructions on importing into iTunes.

How do I import my files into Windows Media Player?

Please visit this link for instructions on importing into Windows Media Player.

How do I import my files into Google Play?

Please visit this link for instructions on importing into Google Play.

How do I import my files into Amazon Cloud Player?

Please visit this link for instructions on importing into Amazon Cloud Player.

USB Drives

I purchased a USB drive at a live show or over the web. Now what?

USB drives containing digital download access will either come with a Launcher or will contain an access code. To tell which is yours, check the root of the drive for folders labeled ‘Windows’ and ‘Mac,’ each containing a LAUNCH program. If you have these folders then your drive comes with a Launcher, and you may run the LAUNCH program from the appropriate folder (Windows or Mac). If your drive does not come with a Launcher there will be a README file containing instructions for redeeming your download.

I can’t access the download through the launcher on my USB drive. What can I do?

At the root of the drive there will be a folder called ‘Support.” In this folder there will be a file called ‘activation.’ Open this file in a text editor (like Notepad or TextEdit). The first line will contain your access code. You can then visit http://downloads.onelivemedia.com to access your download using this code.